Siemens opens battery module factory in Norway to assemble batteries for ships

According to a recent announcement by Siemens, an “advanced robotized and digitized” battery module factory has been opened by the company in Trondheim, Norway, to assemble battery modules for marine and offshore markets. The move indicates a noteworthy effort by Siemens towards electrification of shipping.

The robotized battery module factory opened by Siemens in Trondheim is named West Mira. It is the first of its kind battery module factory to boast operations with a modern battery solution.

At the Trondheim battery factory, an assembly line with eight robot stations has been set up by Siemens, to assemble batteries for ships. The company plans to assemble 55 battery modules per shift, thereby aiming at an annual capacity of 300 MWh. The batteries which will be assembled at Siemens’ robotized battery factory will be made up of nine modules, with each module consisting of 28 cells.

Siemens has revealed that it has recently received the first order for battery modules to be assembled at the factory. The order pertains to the assembly of batteries which will be used on a Northern Drilling oil rig.

Highlighting the fact that the assembly of battery modules at the robotized battery factory in Trondheim is fully automated, Siemens’ Offshore Solutions head Bjorn Einar Brath said that the company has “invested in the development of safe and reliable battery solutions” because it expects marine and offshore markets to “grow significantly” in the coming years.